Kitchen Life

Product, Product, Product!

What do you need in your kitchen to help you function more efficiently?  These are some of the Products I use that make my Kitchen Life a little easier. I've also included other items that I don't have yet, however are on my wish list!

Scrub brushes - I've got two different brushes. One for tough skinned fruits and vegi's and one for soft skinned. Our fruits and vegetables need a good scrubbing before we ingest them as they have dirt and pesticides and everyone else fingers on them starting with the farmers to the market. I scrub them with my homemade pesticide wash/cleaner.  Click here for Natural Pesticide Wash IngredientsThese vary in price but the ones I have range from $4 to $8.

Breville Juicer - This juicer a beginners juicer and is easy to use, easy to clean (top shelf dishwasher), and comes apart simply and gets put back together   All you need to do is prepare your fruit and vegetables to create the healthy mix of delicious juices you'd like to indulge yourself with that day! It's nutritious, no artificial sugars or flavors and is an energizing way to start your day!  The one thing that is hard to ignore, but not enough to skip the purchase, is the noise. It's definitely a little loud.  This product is an investment towards your health and can range around $100 and up. This particular 5 speed model is just shy of $200.

Zester - This is a great extra for zesting lemon and orange peels, grated cheese, garlic and really whatever you can grate or zest! I like this style because its shape is a "catch all" so you don't have your food spilling over.  It is long and narrow like a little galley and when it's full, you just tip over or push out! It's easy to hold and control.  This one goes for about $12 - $13 and of course prices vary with different styles.

Vita-mix Blender -Love this Blender! This blender is the ultimate blender for anything and everything you can blend, puree, chop, Smoothies, Juices, Soups (actually heats them up from friction), Sauces, etc and it will probably do your laundry if you ask it nicely! .  This blender comes with a recipe book, has BPA Free Plastic and comes with an instruction DVD to get you started!  Most importantly, this blender allows your fruits, vegetables, soups, etc. to retain their phyto-nutrients so your body will receive the benefits from eating healthy whole foods!

Champion Juicer - This juicer is my morning ritual! This one speed juicer spins the RPM at just the right speed so you do not lose the enzymes that your food so graciously gives to you. You can re-juice the pulp and it's a healthy and inspiring way to begin your day.  This machine is easy to put together and I recommend cleaning it immediately after juicing.  This Juicer is an expense and you need to buy the extra attachments however to me it is worth every penny and has been providing me with juice that makes me feel alive and awake everyday.  This is my coffee!