Tuesday, March 29, 2011

But, I love my Tobacco, Processed Foods and Soft Drinks...

Smoking, Chewing Tobacco - Worse than Bad!  Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs in the legal market that anyone over the age of 18 can legally purchase.  Most people who smoke began before they turned 18 and have had 20 years of smoking under their belts by the time they are 35. Emotionally, this habit is the hardest to break and brings out many an aggravated person in the early stages of quitting.  Many people need help to quite smoking and thankfully there are many gums, patches and other nicotine tools to help you lessen the withdrawal effects from not having this chemical in your body. Not only is the nicotine itself bad, the other chemicals they use to produce cigerettes or chewing tobacco is not pure, it is loaded with chemicals and compounded with a variety of known toxic ingredients like tar, ammonia (cleaning agent), carbon monoxide (poison gas know as the "silent killer") cyanide (rat poison) and even formaldehyde (used to preserve) and that is just the tip of the iceberg! I just wrote this and it scares me because I know who people who still smoke.  At this point and time in history when we know the breakdown of how this toxicity destroys ours arteries, brains, lungs and bodies, we have to make the choice to change this bad, bad habit. Cancer and Heart Disease and Smoking are directly related to one another.  I know this addiction can be broken because I smoked for about 20 years and it was by far one the most healthiest decisions I've ever made for myself and my family.  The discomfort and aggravation you feel is well worth it when you truly absorb what the benefits are from quitting.  Love yourself more and make the change...

Soft Drinks, Diet or Regular - Bad! Some people drink their soft drinks, like coffee in the morning. Without it, you feel like you are missing something from your routine. Perhaps it's what they drink so they will not eat and or maybe it's tastes good to wash down your daily lunch. Emotionally you want it, you crave it, you can taste it if you think about if long enough. Soft drinks are filled with sugar, chemicals and are not a necessity to feed your body and be productive. If you can, ditch them now and stick to an occasional soft drink and make it a treat. The new information that continues to surface is relating an percentage increase of strokes and pancreatic issues, and other health issues related to the daily dose of soft drinks, diet or not. Even though this is not conclusive, the researchers are constantly changing what the effects are so its an easy loop hole excuse to continue drinking them, however, if I were constantly consuming something that was being labeled as "dangerous" or "bad", I would just stop to be on the safe side.

Processed Foods, Everywhere...  These are my favorites! Chemicals and Artificial Flavors are taking over our bodies and our brains. Science is discovering more and more that foods that are fake filler foods are causing harmful consequences to our bodies.  For example, not only are trans fats and dyes making your body not able to function at it's highest level of energy, your brain is actually making you think you want these foods due to their chemical compounds mixed together.  You have to re-train your brain to think about and feel how these foods are affecting you now and long term.  Yes, it is hard to step away from these crunchy, salty, yellow or red, sugar loaded foods that may make you sluggish and are not working in favor of your health, however if you try eating other foods, like an apple with cinnamon or strawberries with stevia you can slowly reduce the processed foods each week and make a difference in your very own life.  Be your own best parent and do for yourself what you suggest for your children to do.

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