Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing Nails with Duri Rejuvocote

If you have a hard time getting your nails to grow, I have found the best product ever! It's by a company called DURI Cosmetics. They have been around for nearly 20 years supplying salons and people like you and me with a great nail growth system.

My best friend told me about Duri Rejuvocote and I was only half believing that it did what she said because I always thought her nails grew beautifully on their own. Then she told me that since she had been using this nail polish, her nails are stronger, longer, split less, and look great! I finally broke down and ordered a bottle from DURI Cosmetics to try it myself. I cannot tell you enough how well this product works. My nails have never grown so long, they aren't dried out and haven't been splitting and peeling like usual. They also have other nail products (nail polishes, quick dry products, cuticle treatments, etc) that I am excited to try!!!

If you order online, the only drawback I found was the expensive shipping charges. The polish itself is $12 (worth every penny) but the shipping was about $8. So, if your local beauty supply stores don't carry this product, see if someone you know from another state (for example, CA) can buy it for you and then mail it to you for a few dollars, it's a cheaper route. I can whole heartedly say it will be the best money you've spent on a nail product in a long time.

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