Sunday, January 16, 2011

Daily Reminders

Hug your children every single day and say I love you  --- Food is not my enemy ---Be forgiving, even if you are not forgiven --- Forgive Yourself --- Smile everyday, even when you want to cry --- Music is good for the soul ---Portion control is vital --- Listen, don't always talk ---Organization is key ---Sometimes "it" is exactly what "it" seems --- Fresh flowers every week brightens your home --- Be kind to others, who knows what kind of day they are having --- Never stop learning --- Laugh at yourself --- You don't have to tolerate being treated disrespectfully --- Call people and connect, don't text or email all the time --- My Mom really does know a thing or two --- Laugh with your friends --- Cherish life, Understand it can be taken in an instance ---It's OK to be afraid of the future --- Read as much as you can --- Flossing actually does help --- Life is not always fair--- Ask someone working, how is your day ---Reach out and help those who need it --- Get out of the house and breathe fresh air --- Don't be afraid to cry, outloud --- try many new recipes, make your friends eat them ---Take a walk when you are feeling blue --- Talk to old friends ---Love your body, folds and all --- Remember where you come from --- Do not procrastinate--- No, I don't always know what someone is thinking ---Love is magical and good ---Love can hurt deeply --- Apparently I don't have it "all in the bag" --- Always have faith in yourself and don't give up ---

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